Sam Black Church

Starting in the late 1980s, Boston’s Sam Black Church was known for their monstrous sound, unique vocals, and insane live performance.  The band has reunited only a handful of times since ‘retiring’ in 2001. For years there was no way to purchase SBC merchandise…but, now there is!

You’re the BEST

Sam Black Church says THANK YOU to all who have supported us- whether just recently, or over the years. Whatever success SBC had as a band was entirely due to your backing- encouraging us, inspiring us, and providing us with the goal striving to be a band that was actually deserving of such AMAZING fans.

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL Sam Black Church merchandise- designed, printed, and shipped to you by the band itself. AVOID all other ‘new’ Sam Black Church merchandise! It is bootlegged bullshit, and buying it will result in your eternal peril (and it will make Jet sad).

Please enjoy! If you know anyone who would be interested, please share! We thank you! -Sam Black Church



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